Why use Test My Feed?

You are an e-commerce merchant submitting your products to Google, Amazon, Ebay or many other product listing websites.   Are you encountering any of the following problems:

  • Products being disapproved and rejected when you submit your feed?
  • Errors in your product feed and are not sure what and where they are?
  • Are your sales suffering as a result?
  • Do you want a convenient, easy to understand report that tells you exactly what you need to know?

If you answer “yes” to any of these, then Test My Feed is what you are looking for

Test My Feed Now

What you get

A comprehensive report, direct to your email inbox, highlighting all errors and warnings in your product feed so you can quickly see errors that you never knew you have

Here are some examples of hard to spot problems with source data:

  • Barcode (EAN) numbers which are not valid for universal use or do not conform to mandatory checks for accuracy
  • Image links which fail and/or where the images are too small to use
  • Images not on correct background colours
  • Product links that do not work or do not deliver speedy responses
  • Products which are missing mandatory data attributes

We test and report back to you on over 20 key areas with explanations why your products will be rejected

What does it cost?

Test My Feed is a free to use diagnostic tool which you can use as many times as you like

Your first report is free with up to 50 product errors

You only pay for the report if the error count is over 50 but you will see a sample of what we have detected before you buy.  Each error costs just £0.10 or US$0.15.  Global errors are charged at a single item rate.

Report charges irrespective of the number of errors are capped at £99, or $150.

There is no charge if your feed is error free (and congratulations)!

Our credentials

Test My Feed is the next stage of proven Feed Manager technology. We have been successfully running product listings for our clients since 2006, with a continual focus on data quality.

We are now making these complex diagnostics available for anyone, whether you are a merchant, development support to a merchant or a marketing agency with e-commerce customers.

All client product data is securely protected and is confidential. It is only used for feed submissions, and is not shared with anyone.

Our existing clients enjoy the benefits of Test My Feed every time their products are processed by Feed Manager but now you can take advantage of a unique testing facility.

Advice and help

If you want any help in understanding our error reports or advice on how to fix the errors we have detected, visit Feed Manager