TestmyFeed.com Pricing

We accept payments in GBP (£) or USD ($).  UK based business customers must pay in GBP.

Error Report Charges

No deposit is required to test your first feed, and your first feed report is free up to 50 errors

Free 50 error report applies once to any tested domain.

Subsequent feeds can be tested at any point for free, errors are charged at £0.10 per SKU or US$ equivalent

If your first feed test reports 80 errors, then only 30 errors are chargeable – minimum deposit now applies

Global (universal) errors are charged at single unit rates.

Our minimum deposit is £5 or US$7.50

Our maximum charge for any test is £100 or US$150.

Image Resizing

Your can request resizing of images on request at 50p per image.   You will receive a link to a folder containing all the resized images to download for your own use.

Image Hosting

Alternatively you may want your images resized and then use our links to those images as part of your product submission.  You will receive a report with all the new image links to the relevant product SKUs.

Images Requiring Resizing Cost per Month
up to 100 images £10 or $ equivalent
up to 250 images £25 or $ equivalent
up to 500 images £50 or $ equivalent
up to 1,250 images £100 or $ equivalent
up to 2,500 images £150 or $ equivalent
up to 5,000 images £200 or $ equivalent
up to 10,000 images £250 or $ equivalent
10,001+ Ask for quote

Sales Taxes

VAT at 20% is applied to all customers whose business is based in the UK

No VAT or sales taxes are applied to customers whose business operates outside of the UK