Product Image Disapprovals and Resizing

When you test your product data, you may see us flagging problems with your image sizes.  These will vary for the export channel you selected to test your images against, as all listing sites have their own minimum dimensions for compliant image size.

As an example, this is taken from Google’s published guidance on image sizes more

“Submit the largest, highest resolution full-size image that you have for the product, up to a file size of 4 MB.

Image dimensions must be greater than 32 x 32 pixels, with the total image size not exceeding 64 megapixels.

We recommend images that are at least 800 pixels in height and width.

Do not scale up images or submit thumbnails. We recommend that the product take no less than 75% but no more than 90% of the full image

For clothing products we require images with dimensions of at least 250 x 250 pixels”

Feed Manager Image Resizing

If your test shows errors for image size, we can offer you a simple cost effective solution through Feed Manager which is available with two options

1.    Ongoing hosting of resized, compliant images which then applies the links for the resized images to export files sent to all channels selected by our clients OR

2.    A one-off resizing exercise which deals with all non compliant images, and makes them available to you for use on your website and/or channel submissions.

More on these options is available on our Feed Manager website under Product Image Resizing