We created TestMyFeed to allow merchants, their web support or their agencies to test their current source product data which is being used to populate Google Shopping, Amazon Product Ads or E-Bay merchant accounts

As Feed Manager, we know that very often source data contains inaccurate information or contains records that cannot be listed for a variety of reasons

As the recipient channel demands for data quality get tougher all the time, we know that it is better to deal with problems before they happen.  Bad data can lead to products being disapproved, errors on the recipient channels, suspension warnings or even outright suspension.

TestMyFeed carries out a number of checks on your import file and reports back on what we find.

What do we check?

There are over 40 key checks within, but we expect our check list will continue to grow over time as Google and Amazon demands for data quality increase.  These are the principal fields that we evaluate:

Duplicate SKUs

Invalid format SKUs

Missing brand information

Short/long titles

Short/long descriptions

Bad/unusable Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPN)

Bad/unusable GTIN numbers (UPC/EAN/ISBN)

Invalid image links

Images that fail channel minimum size and background restrictions

Invalid product links

Category compliance (such as products with a Google category of clothing require Size, Color, Age-Group and Gender values)

What’s the cost?

There is never a charge to upload and test a feed.  You only pay for diagnosed errors.

We charge per SKU (Product ID) with just one charge per item (even if it has multiple errors)

The first time a domain (website) is tested, there is no charge if the reported errors are 50 or less as our sample report will include all errors.   If your report has more than 50 errors, you will need to purchase the report.

We have a minimum non refundable deposit, with any unused balance retained on your account for future use

How to test your feed

1.   Load a file of your data.  This can be in a .txt .csv or .xml file format (Google xml only).

2.   Alternatively insert the link of your current source file – this in your Merchant Center account under data feeds : more

3.   Map your file headers to our standard headers.  Amazon and Google files are mapped automatically

4.   Wait for an email.   You will get that within 30 minutes, although allow longer for product files with more than 5,000 products

5.   That will contain a summary of results.  You will have a link to your dashboard to download the results.

How to pay

We accept online payments via credit card.   Invoicing can be arranged, subject to credit approval being given.  Please contact us to make this request.


Help with understanding your error reports

If you need any help, call our freephone number (UK business hours only) or email us at